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Premium Zone [FullExtremo]

Terms and Conditions Premium

Ignorance of rules excuses no one!

1.1. Our service is responsible for activation keys purchased only at the official website www.fullextremo.com. If you purchased the product from any other source, then we are not responsible for its performance or your money.
1.2. Registered account in "Install" (cheat loader) is intended for use from one computer. This means that you can not use the account in the loader simultaneously on two or more computers. When you try to log in from any other computer, you will get an error with the HWID message, in some cases, the account bank is possible, if you notice the simultaneous use of the loader from two or more computers. However, the rule does not mean that after changing the computer, you can not use the account in the loader. If you change the computer or its components, you need to create a special application, according to the sample, which is demonstrated on the forum, after which your account will be re-registered to a new computer. It is also possible to register new accounts to use the loader on other computers.
1.3. Loader sends technical information of your computer to our server, and also informs our server about some system features and parameters of your operating system. This is done so that in the event of problems in the work of the loader or our products, the technical support could react quickly and make a decision on troubleshooting based on the received data about your system. Also, system information is used to limit the use of the loader on several computers at the same time.
1.4. It is forbidden to transfer or attempt to transfer accounts to third parties (punishment: lifetime ban). In some cases, the administration can give its consent to this.
1.5. Buying the product you need, you acquire exclusive access to the subscription, we reserve the right to make any changes to the functionality of a product without the user's knowledge and consent.
1.6. In case of game / anti-cheat ban, we do not return anything, so it is not recommended to use products on accounts with a large number of games, we recommend using only such accounts, which will not be a pity to lose in case of blocking. We note the fact that if the description for a product indicates the support for one or another antichity, then this does not give a 100% chance of not being banned in the case of mass detection of the product. If these circumstances arise, we try to inform users as promptly as possible. The detection status of the product is determined by the confirmed facts of the user's ban for our products or the fact of the ban of the test accounts. Test accounts are checked at least 4 times a week. Also, when a product is detected massively, the subscriptions are frozen, until the product becomes operational.
1.7. We don't make any refunds, however refund is possible only if the purchased product does not work completely on your PC, this does not apply:

- incompatibility of the Windows version (including errors of the form "OS not supported" and "Uninstall security updates";
- any blue screens of "death" and / or game crashes that periodically occur;
- ignoring the instructions for starting and / or setting up your PC system;
- bad connection to the loader server.

In order to verify the inoperability of the purchased product, you must contact the technical support no later than 48 hours after the first login into the loader and launch the product.
1.8. We do not guarantee 24/7 service. There may be interruptions or technical work on the server, which can cause difficulties in working with the loader. In these cases, the subscription is extended. It is also possible to disable not all of the service as a whole, but some products (for updating, fixing bugs, bugs, etc.), in this case, the subscription to the disconnected product is extended.
1.9. Changing the subscription of one product to another subscription is allowed only with the permission of the administration. If the administration has ignored your request after 48 hours, then your request was rejected automatically.
1.10. Individual freezing of the product is possible, it is also allowed only with the permission of the administration, the minimum freezing period is 7 days. If the administration has ignored your request after 48 hours, then your request was rejected automatically.
1.10. Individual freezing of the product is possible, it is also allowed only with the permission of the administration, the minimum freezing period is 7 days. If the administration has ignored your request after 48 hours, then your request was rejected automatically.
1.11. For hacking or attempting to crack the loader and / or any product, or for the actions that harm the operation of our service - lifetime ban on the forum and in the loader.
1.12. Requests for technical support can be ignored if the questions contain bad words, insults, trashtalking, etc. If these actions are noticed, then the administration has the right to apply sanctions to your accounts both on the forum and in the loader.
2.1. If you do not agree with the points above (1.1.-1.12.), immediately leave the site.
Any violation of the rules is punishable by writing off the subscription for a certain period (depending on the degree of violation) or a lifetime ban both on the site and in the loader. We work for your benefit and constantly improve our service, so we recommend that you keep your emotions to yourself.


Forum Rules:

1.1. Bad words, insults, trashtalking,"trolling", provocations are forbidden.
1.2. It is forbidden to insult parents, stir up ethnic conflicts.
1.3. It is forbidden to publish private information about any user without his consent.
1.4. It is forbidden to create two or more identical topics.
1.4.1. It is forbidden to create more than one account on the forum.
1.5. It is strongly recommended that you read F.A.Q. before asking a specific question.
1.6. It is forbidden to insult the administration and moderators in any form.
1.7. It is prohibited to flood / offtop in any form.
1.8. It is strongly recommended for threads to be created in their respective sections.
1.9. Any sales are prohibited without the agreement with administration.
2.0. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of administrators / moderators (if you do not agree with the actions of the moderator or administrator, you can discuss this with another administrator or moderator using private messages)
2.1. Advertising is prohibited in any form.
2.2. Advertising in a signature or avatar is prohibited in any form.
2.2.1. It is forbidden to use red color in messages (it is only for administration).
2.2.2. Technical support is provided within 24 hours of the creation of a separate topic, and it appears only on the forum.

User profile:

2.3. It is forbidden to put a signature larger than 500x300 px.
2.4. It is forbidden to register more than one account.
2.5. Bad words, insults, trashtalking,"trolling", advertising in status are prohibited.

Any violation of the rules is punished with a temp or perm ( lifetime ) ban.

It is forbidden to use any bugs / exploits in the engine or third-party programs.

The site www.fullextremo.com does not contain materials that violate the Laws of the Russian Federation.

Under no circumstances and circumstances, responsibility for the consequences that directly or indirectly entailed the use of our products and other information obtained on this site, can not be entrusted to the authors of the site or the owners of the hosting.

If you agree with the above conditions, you can start viewing the materials. Otherwise, it is recommended to immediately leave the site.


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