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WolfXenPro [Latino - Mena - Classic Steam]



Comprar WolfXenPro 8.00 USD 



Aimbot Settings:

  • - Aimbot : Aim to targets automatically at their heads
  • - FOV : Customize the Field of View of the Aimbot area
  • - Hotkey: Customizable Hotkeys for Aimbot with Toggle or Hold Options

Comprar WolfXenPro 8.00 USD 

Player Settings:


  • - NameESP : See all players' health, name and their location.
  • - NameESP Evolved : You can use name esp & recording without seeing it in the video.
  • - Team Kill : Allows you to kill your own teammates.
  • - Telekill (With Hotkey!) : Teleport your player to all other players, when you kill one you will be teleport to the next!
  • - Instant Respawn : Your player will respawn directly without needed to wait.
  • - Respawn Where Died : Respawns your player where it died.
  • - God Mode : You will never die or will receive any damage caused by other players even if the player use kill one hit.
  • - Hide Identity : Hide your identity when you make a kill (that replace your name by random player in your room).
  • - Axis Hack : Move your camera under local player.
  • - Ghost Master : Make you invisible from the eyes of other players.
  • - Change Base : Make you respawn at the base of your ennemys.
  • - UnderGround : Moves your camera down the map depending on how long you will hold the "CTRL" key.
  • - Kill YourSelf : Make your player suicide instantly.
  • - Anti Map Out Death : Prevent die when pass map broders.
  • - Unlimited Revive IceHold : You will be able to revive other players in the Ice Hold mode without any limitation !
  • - Real Fly Hack : Allows you to fly through the map like as observer mode.
  • - Jump Hack : Your player jump super high.
  • - Speed Hack : Boosts your movement speed.
  • - No Fall Damage : You will never receive any damage when you fall from high places.
  • - Real HP Hack : You can increase your HP by how many you want or simply set your HP to the HP you want.

Weapon Settings:

  • - Always Headshot (With Hotkey!) : All of your kills will be recorded as a headshot kill as well as a real headshot damage.
  • - No Recoil : Removes the recoil of your weapon.
  • - No Spread : Removes the spread of your bullets.
  • - Infinite Ammo : Gives you unlimited ammo.
  • - No Reload : Your ammo will never end, you don't even need to reload !
  • - Rapid Fire : Your bullets shot very fast.
  • - Remote Kill : All your bullets will go automatically to players in the map!
  • - Kill One Hit : You can kill any players with 1 hit even if the person has 99999999999 HP (with any type of weapon & wolf).
  • - No Weapon Sway : Removes your weapon's sway, making your movement smoother.
  • - No Weapon WP : The game doesn't check for you SP anymore so you can use any weapons in the first game like in green room.
  • - Shoot Through Walls : You will be able to kill people behind the walls.
  • - Adjust Weapon Hits: Allows you to control weapon hits count per 1 hit. (e.g: if you adjust to 2 so you it will damage 2 hits per 1 hit etc..).

Misc Settings:

  • - Perfect MS : All player will have 0 ms so you will never get kick when a user lag in your room.
  • - Anti Chat Ban : You will never be chat-banned again !
  • - Defuse Bomb Anywhere : Allow you to defuse bomb from anywhere in the map in destruction mode.
  • - AB3G Ex Bomb : Give you the ab-3g ex-item.
  • - Sticky Bomb : All your bombs will be sticky like at-3g.
  • - Powerfull Bomb : If you throw your bombs at the ground, it will return more powerful and fast.
  • - No Suicidal Explosion : You will be never die again with your bomb.
  • - Show All Players Infos : Show you all infos about the players (Weapons or wolf used by all users in real time, score, name etc..).

Visuals Settings:

  • - ESP Healthbar : Draw Health bar above the players & this feature will be hidden from recorded video.
  • - ESP 3D Box : Draw 3D box around the players & you can recording without seeing it in the video.
  • - ESP Line : Draw line to the players & you can recording without seeing it in the video.
  • - Login ESP : Draw the login of the players around them & you can recording without seeing it in the video.
  • - Distance ESP : Draw the distance of the players around them and you can recording without seeing it in the video.
  • - Chams : Converts all the players in-game to the color you want. 
  • - Chams Arm : Converts all the players arm in-game to the color you want. 
  • - Wall Hack : Allows you to see other players' body behind walls.
  • - Phantom : Converts all the players in-game to the phantom. 
  • - Ghost Chams : Converts all the players in-game to the ghost.
  • - Wireframe : Transforms all in-game objects into wires.
  • - Map Wireframe : Transforms the map objects into wires.
  • - Arms Wireframe : Transforms all the players arm in-game objects into wires.
  • - Transparent Wall : Transforms the wall into transparent. 
  • - NoFog : Removes fog in some maps (which actually gives a performance boost).
  • - Full Bright : Gives full brightness to the games' objects.
  • - Player Dots : Transforms all the players in-game objects into dots.
  • - Map Dots : Transforms the map objects into dots.

Wolf Settings:

  • - Infinite Wolf Ball : Your ice balls/SE balls will never end (you will not need to press R).
  • - Real Wolf Dash Strike :  Allows you to be able to dash with your wolf (Includes Wolf Real Strike Attack, Wolf Roll & Real Speed).
  • - Wolf Wall Dash GL : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf Wall Dash SL : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf Side Dash SL : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf Guard : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Iron Wolf Guard : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Metal Wolf Guard : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf Hold Ability : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf Claw : Wolf Powers Item.
  • - Wolf View x2 : Gives your sight a x2 wider view.
  • - Wolf Hunt Powers : Gives your wolf a huge bonus (50% faster movement, 50% faster jumping, 30% extra damage, 100% extra speed, 100% extra armor).

Comprar WolfXenPro 8.00 USD 

Inventory Settings:

  • - Real Inventory Hack : Gives you lot of weapons in your real inventory ! (Include +500 weapons).
  • - Ex-Weapons Advanced Slot : Unlock all Ex-Weapons Slot, Real Ex-Item!
  • - Characters Hack : Gives you lot of characters (Include the wolf).
  • - Zero Penality Ex-Item : You don't have any penality when you quit a game, Real Ex-Item!
  • - Asmon Ex-Item : You can use Asmon Wolf in WolfHunt, Real Ex-Item!
  • - Leviathan Ex-Item :  You can use Leviathan Wolf in WolfHunt, Real Ex-Item!
  • - Bahamah Ex-Item :  You can use Bahamah Wolf in WolfHunt, Real Ex-Item!
  • - Silver Bullet Cartridge Ex-Item : Give you Silver Bullet power in WolfHunt Real Ex-Item!

Remote Kill Settings:

  • - Remote Kill: Allows you to kill all players randomly with only 1 hit to any player.
  • - Randomized Bullets [BETA] : Used with Remote kill to make bullets travels to players positions without aiming on them.
  • - Suicide All Players: Allows you to kill all players continuously with random killers.

Comprar WolfXenPro 8.00 USD 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

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